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Testimony and Call

 In 1976, I made a profession of faith but there was little change in my life. For years I thought this was the time of my salvation for one simple reason, it was not coerced out of me by anyone nor did anyone help me with it. It was mainly out of a fear of Hell. I was baptized in 1995 in an American Baptist Church. Then in 1997, the Lord brought us out of that mess and into an Independent Baptist Church. On April 19, 1997 the Lord was dealing with me during the evening service about my salvation and I went forward to get assurance. I remember asking God if I was not truly saved then I was coming to get it settled. I was tired of the sin in my life and was ready to surrender it all to Him. My life immediately changed in many areas: my language was different, my marriage was different, church became important and reading the Word of God became a priority for me and tithing became a natural part of my life

In that same year we were introduced to the Sword of the Lord and grew quickly in the Lord. We started getting convictions that we once thought were absurd. On a Tuesday at the National Sword of the Lord Conference in ‘98, God dealt with me about the matter of preaching, I surrendered that morning. On Thursday night, Brother Bobby Roberson stood and introduced a family from Canada who had no Bible-believing church that they could go to and that some young preacher just starting out in the ministry should go up and start a church for them. That still small voice said to me, “That will be you.” My wife was told the same thing at that time but it was a few weeks before I got enough nerve to talk to her about it because I just accepted the call to preach. I thought two days later was a little early to tell her that I was going to up root her and our two boys to go to Canada. When we finally talked about it, we knew it was all of God. God immediately started working in my heart about preparing for the ministry. We started making preparations and sold our home in 2000. I started college at Crown Bible College that Fall. During my time at Crown God showed me the importance of being biblical in all we do. I discovered God's principle about church planting and the responsibility of churches starting churches. God had us in a wonderful church that is excited about sending someone out to start churches. In the summer of 2004 we went to Canada and found there is a greater need for the Gospel than we had ever imagined. God has so burdened our hearts to see a church started, people saved  and see people grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  I graduated College in May of 2005 and we started the journey in raising support to go and start Gospel Light Baptist Church, named after the church where it all began .Our  Support being raised in February 2008, we made preparations to Leave for Canada. Our first stop in Moncton, New Brunswick to help in a church called Charity Bible Baptist Church. Then from there we purchased a home and moved to Bathurst.

A Special Note From The Pastor

I would personally like to thank you and extend a warm welcome to come to our services. It Would be our pleasure to have you here with u in a services. Our prayer is that you will come to worship the Lord Jesus and will put your whole heart into the services. Our goal as a church is to see people born into the family of God, preach and teach the Word of God and disciple those who want a closer relationship with Christ. God has laid many dreams and ambitions on my heart for this church and the community. If you are looking for a church that preaches and teaches the Word of God and sings the old hymns, I hope you will consider making Gospel Light your church home.


Pastor Smith

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