Thursday, October 20, 2016 2015 Video Sermons

Welcome to

    Gospel Light Baptist Church

“A Church With A Heart For Bathurst And Beyond”


2015 Video Sermons

05-24-15 AM Knowing Your Election of God

09-20-15 AM Walking In The Old Paths

09-27-15 PM The Comfort of a Steadfast Church

10-04-15 PM The Necessity of Continual Spiritual Growth

10-11-15 PM Hindrances To The Work

10-25-15 AM Are you Performing or Transforming

11-04-15 Jude PT 3

11-15-15 AM The Product of Faith

11-15-15 PM Devil's Doctrine PT 2

11-22-15 AM Keeping Your Heart

11-22-15 PM Thanking God For His Great Forgiveness

11-29-15 AM Peace of God

12-06-15 AM He Shall Save His People From Their Sins

12-20-15 Craddle Cross and Crown

12-20-15 What Will YOU do with the Gift - Christmas

12-27-15 PM Loosing what we have

Kids Choir

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