Thursday, October 20, 2016 2013 Video Sermons

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    Gospel Light Baptist Church

“A Church With A Heart For Bathurst And Beyond”


2013 Video Sermons

01-06-13 PM The 400 Silent Years

01-20-13 AM Godly Exercise

02-03-13 AM Faith

02-03-13 PM The Dangers Of Intellectualism

02-10-13 AM Abel's Last Sermon PT 1

02-10-13 PM Abel's Last Sermon PT 2

02-24-13 AM The Mutant Church

03-03-13 AM Father Forgive Them

03-03-13 PM Today Thou Shalt Be With Me In Paradise

03-10-13 AM Woman Behold Thy Son

03-10-13 PM Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me

03-17-13 AM I Thirst

03-17-13 PM The Indwelling Of Christ

03-24-13 AM It Is Finished

03-24-13 PM Believer Be Word

03-28-13 Father, Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit

03-31-13 AM The Importance Of The Resurrection

03-31-13 SR- Calvary's Passion

03-31-13 AM The Importance Of The Resurrection

04-07-13 AM Ye Are Complete In Him

04-07-13 PM Hell-The Hidden Truth

04-14-13 AM Personal Choices

04 14 13 PM You Are Richer Than You Think

04-21-13 AM Our Mediator Jesus Christ

04-21-13 PM I'm Not Finished Yet

04-28-13 AM Never Forget Who You Serve

04-28-13 PM The Biblical Results Of Spirituality

05-05-13 Bro. Matt

05-12-13 Bro. Matt

05-19-13 Bro Matt

05-26-13 Bro Matt

06 02 13 Bro Matt

06 09 13 Bro Matt

06 16 13 Bro Matt

06 23 13 Bro Matt

06-30-13 AM Are You Glad You Are Saved

07-07-13 AM Ye Are Complete In Him

07-14-13 AM Are You In The Way

07-14-13 PM Enoch

07-21-13 AM Who Is The Lord

07-21-13 PM With out Faith

07-28-13 AM Risen For What

07-28-13 PM With Out Faith PT 2

08-25-13 AM Faith Promise Missions Giving (Bro. Forney)

08-25-13 PM Faith Promise Missions Giving (Bro. Forney)

09-01-13 AM Simplicity Of Salvation

09-01-13 PM Abraham

09-08-13 AM The Light Of God

09-08-13 PM Offense Is Not The Best Forward

09-15-13 AM Walk In The Old Ways (Old Fashioned Sunday)

09-22-13 AM Holding Fast Our Commitment

09-22-13 PM Sarah Faith Restore

10-06-13 AM The Convert Of The Believer

10-06-13 PM How Will You Die

10-27-13 AM Keeping The Passover

11-03-13 AM Erring From The Faith

11-03-13 PM Keeping Your Heart With All Diligence

11-04-12 AM The Faithful In Christ Jesus

11-10-13 AM The Peace Of God

11-10-13 PM Helping Your Church


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